Texas has regained all lost pandemic jobs while New York trails far behind

New York has recovered less than two-thirds of the jobs lost due to the pandemic

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Texas has bounced back after two years of pandemic-related unemployment spikes and is currently outperforming its pre-COVID-19 levels of unemployment. 

Arizona, Utah and Idaho are the only other three states to regain all the jobs lost to the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal noted Tuesday. 

New York, on other hand, is lagging far behind the Lone Star State. New York State Budget Director told reporters on Tuesday that the state has recovered less than two-thirds of the jobs lost due to the pandemic. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last month attributed Texas' job growth to the state's "unwavering commitment to economic freedom and our young, skilled, growing, and diverse workforce." 

"By reaching nearly 13 million jobs last month, Texas has surpassed our pre-pandemic employment levels — a remarkable achievement and testament to our welcoming business climate and strong workforce," Abbott added. 

The unemployment data was evaluated and compiled by the Texas Workforce Commission, a government agency.

In New York City, the unemployment rate remains well ahead the national average. The city’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate sat at 9% in November, more than double the national unemployment rate of 4.2%. 

The figure is also higher than the state’s unemployment rate of 6.6% in November, which is down from October’s 6.9%. 

Job Creators Network president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz also told FOX Business this month that former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate requiring private businesses to force all employees to get vaccinated was his "final insult" to business owners before leaving office. 


Social media users last week balked at a graphic the White House posted online that claimed President Biden has created far more jobs than any other commander in chief. 

The graphic – which appeared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – was posted just hours after a disappointing jobs report showed hiring had fallen far below expectations in December.

The economy is still 5 million jobs under the peak reached before the pandemic, according to Politifact

Fox News' Brie Stimson contributed to this report.