Restaurants 'bustling' but it's the 'worst year ever' for hiring, business owner says

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Small business owner: Worst year ever for finding part-time employees

Malibu Beach Club owner Butch Yamali on the challenges finding part-time employees despite the strong economy.

The restaurant industry may be scorching hot, but the owner of four eateries said he doesn’t have enough workers to fill jobs. He said it’s the “worst year ever.”

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“I’m doing everything. I wash dishes. I work at the toll booth. I bus tables—whatever it takes,” restaurant owner Butch Yamali told FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell on “Mornings with Maria” on Wednesday. “It’s a great year for the economy—people are spending money—the restaurants are bustling but finding part-time employees is terrible this year.”


Yamali said even if you raise wages, the hardest part is finding qualified workers.

“You’re finding like high-school kids that have no experience and the more business that we do requires experienced labor and these kids are just… brutal—they don’t want to work—it’s tough,” he explained.


Yamali is putting the onus on parents to push kids out of the house to find a job.

“I think people are afraid… I think they want their children to be happy no matter what it takes… there’s kids that are living home with their parents, they are 35 – 40 years old—get out of the house already—it’s crazy,” he said.

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