These jobs have the fastest growing wages

While experts are concerned there may be a slowdown on the horizon for the U.S. economy, a new report shows that both job and wage growth remain healthy.

While the economy grew at a pace of 3.2 percent in the first quarter, job openings rose to about 5.6 million in April, up 1 percent month over month.

That’s according to Glassdoor Economic Research, which released its first Job Market Report on Tuesday analyzing real-time job openings on its website.

Median base-pay increased to $52,807 – which is 1.4 percent higher when compared with the year prior.

GlassDoor broke down which positions have seen the fastest growth in wages – here’s a look at the results:


The median pay for a bartender in the U.S. rose 9.6 percent over the past year, according to Glassdoor. The median salary for a person working in this position is $35,309.

Pharmacy technician

Pay for pharmacy technicians increased to $31,609 – a 7.4 percent increase.

A pharmacy technician generally works under the supervision of a pharmacist, giving medicine out and packaging prescriptions.

Material handler

Material handlers were making a base salary of $37,350 as of April, which represents a nearly 5 percent year over year jump.

Workers in these jobs are typically in warehouses, moving and distributing products.

Truck driver

Salaries for truck drivers rose 4.6 percent in April, now bearing a median base pay of $55,741.

Part of the reason wages for drivers are rising is because there is a nationwide shortage. By 2026, the American Trucking Associations predict that the shortage could swell to 174,000.



Cashiers saw a 4.6 percent bump in pay, as well, though their median salaries increased to about $27,821.

On the other hand, the jobs with the slowest wage growth include some where median base pay actually shrank year over year – like financial advisor, attorney and insurance agent.