Goldman Sachs to cover breastmilk shipping costs for new moms

Goldman Sachs will pay for its breastfeeding working moms to send their pumped milk back to their babies when traveling for work.

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According to an internal memo shared with FOX Business, the company recently launched breast milk shipping programs globally for working mothers who are traveling on company business.

Through LifeCare's MilkShip, working mothers who are based in the U.S. can safely ship their breast milk home when on business travel. Moms can request a full-service kit that can be delivered to their destination overnight. There is no cost to the employee.

Employees outside the U.S. who are traveling overnight for business purposes can be reimbursed for breast milk shipping costs, which can include overnight and expedited shipping expenses as well as in-room refrigerator costs.

According to Goldman Sachs, these milk-shipping programs are just one aspect of the firm’s focus on working parents.

Goldman Sachs is listed on Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for. In 2017, Goldman was No. 62 on the list.