Zuckerberg tells staff to use Android after Apple feud

It looks like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has put Apple CEO Tim Cook on the naughty list this holiday season.

The tech-for-tat tactics between the two most recognized names in Silicon Valley goes back to earlier this year.

Cook has made critical comments about the  87 million Facebook users who had their data unknowingly accessed by a political firm.

In on broadcast interview, Cook was asked what his advice would be on the situation and responded “I wouldn’t be in that situation.”

Zuckerberg reportedly had his own way of responding. He “ordered his management team to use only Android phones, since the operating system has far more users than Apple’s,” according to people familiar who spoke to the New York Times.

Cook said that Apple wouldn’t traffic in a customer’s personal life and that privacy was a human right.

The sniping continued, according to the Times, as a site connected to a Republican opposition research firm working for Facebook, published several stories critical of Apple.

One story considered Cook hypocritical since Apple also collects data from users.