Want your kid to be the next big CEO? Buy them a puppy

Have dreams of raising the next Mark Zuckerberg? Or maybe the next Jeff Bezos?

Your first move should be to get your child a puppy or another four-legged companion.

According to a study by Kelton Research for Banfield Pet Hospital, 93 percent of C-suite executives said they grew with some sort of a pet.

What’s more, 78 percent of those polled attribute their success to their childhood furry friend, with almost a quarter of them saying their first pet taught them more than their first internship did.

If that isn’t enough reason, a whopping 77 percent of current C-suite executives even admitted that they came up with a big business idea while walking their dogs.

Overall, 62 percent of the 857 corporate executives polled believe their childhood pets had a positive impact on their ability to build lasting relationships with their coworkers and clients.

Lastly, 80 percent of those surveyed said they felt more connected to colleagues — and underlings — who own pets as well, and 79 percent of them believe that employees who have pets are hard workers.