The keys to business leadership, according to Cisco's John Chambers

Former Cisco Systems Chairman and CEO John Chambers is opening the safe to reveal the secrets behind his leadership success.

In his latest book, “Connecting the Dots,” Chambers says one of the key fundamental principles for every company is to make changes as it leads.

“Leadership, it doesn’t matter if you are a two person company or 200,000, it’s lonely at times, and you have to have the courage to make the right decision for your company for the long term,” Chambers told FOX Business’ Liz Claman on Tuesday.

The Silicon Valley legend said leadership is having the courage to reinvent yourself and dream big, especially when you have to pick yourself up after hitting a setback.

“It also goes back to, I got knocked on my tail a number of times,” Chambers said.

After serving 20-plus years as Cisco’s CEO, Chambers stepped down in 2015. Last year, he stepped down as executive chairman and received the honorary title of chairman emeritus.

Chambers guided the tech company to be one of the world’s biggest and most profitable companies during the early days of the internet.

Here are the key steps in Chambers’ leadership guide:

  • Build While Leading
  • Disrupt or Be Disruptive
  • Mistake: Keep Doing the Right Thing for Too Long
  • Don’t Panic