Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals birthday plans on Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk turns 48 Friday and revealed what his "big" plans will be that day.

Musk was asked by a Twitter user what he will be doing for the special day — whether it would involve relaxing, working or some vacation time. The billionaire replied, “Working on Tesla global logistics.”

When the social media user replied Musk needed some time off, the CEO replied with a sad face.

On Tuesday, Musk told workers in an internal memo that Tesla was close to setting a quarterly record for deliveries but the company was having trouble shipping vehicles to the right places as the second quarter comes to a close.

Musk wrote that the company could break the record of 90,700 deliveries set in last year's fourth quarter if everyone goes "all out" before the quarter ends on Sunday.

“Logistics and final delivery are extremely important, as well as finding demand for vehicle variants that are available locally, but can’t reach people who ordered that variant before end of quarter,” the memo stated, according to Bloomberg.


Tesla lost $702.1 million in the first quarter, among its worst quarters in two years. Musk predicted another loss in the second quarter but said Tesla would be profitable again by the third quarter.

Meanwhile, earlier this week SpaceX launched its heftiest rocket with 24 research satellites Tuesday in a successful launch. Musk called it the “most difficult launch ever.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.