Tesla cars will have 'smarter' auto-park by 2019, Musk says

Tesla’s electric cars will soon be able to find their own parking spots, according to the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.

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Musk said the company is working on a “slightly smarter version” of its “Autopark/Summon” feature, which Tesla’s vehicles use to park in a nearby space. The newer version will build on that functionality.

“By next year, a Tesla should be able to drive around a parking lot, find an empty spot, read signs to confirm it’s valid and park,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Tesla representatives declined further comment. It’s unclear if drivers will have to remain inside the vehicle to utilize enhanced self-parking.

Under Musk, Tesla has prioritized advancements in car software to boost the value of its electric vehicles, such as the Model 3, its flagship sedan. The company’s best known feature is “Autopilot,” which automatically handles basic tasks like acceleration and braking but requires drivers to frequently place their hands on the wheel.

Tesla faced a probe from U.S. safety officials earlier this year amid reports that “Autopilot” may have played a role in a fatal crash in Mountain View, California. Musk said last June that Tesla had tweaked the assisted driving feature to “nag” drivers to place their hands on the wheel more often than it had in previous iterations.

Tesla revealed earlier this month that it had turned its first quarterly profit in several years, sending shares higher.