EXCLUSIVE: Peter Thiel on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight'

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Peter Thiel calls for FBI, CIA probe of Google

Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro on billionaire investor Peter Thiel calling for a government investigation into Google's alleged ties to China and Treasury Department concerns about cryptocurrency.

Facebook board member Peter Thiel is calling on the FBI and CIA to investigate whether Chinese intelligence infiltrated Google. He specifically described the tech giant’s “treasonous” links to China.

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A prominent and early supporter of President Trump, Thiel also accused Google of working with the Chinese military while avoiding contact with the U.S. military.

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The billionaire investor raised the issue at the National Conservatism Conference in Washington, D.C. on Sunday and tonight he will elaborate on his view in an exclusive interview on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Fox News Channel.

Google, today, reiterated that it does not have any dealings with the Chinese military. The company said Thiel’s allegations are false, but did not elaborate on the situation.

Google representatives declined further comment.