Musk says Tesla moves from production problems to delivery problems

Tesla Chief executive Elon Musk has had what seemed like endless problems over the past couple months.

He now says that the company is facing bigger logistical problem concerning delivery than overall production delays.

Musk admitted problems in Twitter response to a customer complaint on a delivery delay.

Tesla has been working to iron out production bumps after failing to meet production targets for its Model 3 sedans.

Musk said last week, the company would eliminate some color options for its electric cars to streamline production.

In the past month, Musk has been the target of much criticism and unwanted publicity following a podcast appearance in which he smoked a tobacco product that reportedly contained marijuana.

Tesla has also seen the departure of a number of executives since 2016.

In September alone, the automaker saw its vice-president of worldwide finance and operations, chief people officer and chief accounting officer all leave.

He also was threatened with a lawsuit surrounding alleged comments against one of the cave divers that helped save the members of the youth soccer team that was trapped in a flooded mine.

Back on August 7, Musk tweeted that he was considering taking the company private at $420 per share in a transaction valuing it at $72 billion, and that funding was "secured."

On the evening of August 24,  Musk, by then facing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission scrutiny into the factual accuracy of his financing tweet, blogged that Tesla would remain public, citing investor resistance.