Memorial Day deal for veterans in June: Free dental service

Each Memorial Day, millions of Americans remember and commemorate the brave service members who died while serving our country in the United States Armed Forces. But how can we honor the veterans who live among us, especially those who may be struggling financially or dealing with health issues that make it difficult for them to overcome the rigors they face daily?

The best way to express our gratitude is to serve them as they have served us. And that’s why, for the sixth consecutive year, in June Aspen Dental offices across the country will be conducting their annual Day of Service event. On Saturday, June 8 more than 450 Aspen Dental offices in 37 states will be open for one reason: to exclusively provide our nation’s veterans with free dental care.

One in three Americans didn't go to the dentist last year, and millions face barriers to regular care. Some people live in places with little or no access to care, while others lack the insurance needed to keep care affordable. This is especially challenging for U.S. veterans, who are ineligible for dental benefits through the Veterans Administration unless they are 100 percent disabled, former prisoners of war, or have received service-related mouth injury.

Thanking veterans

The Day of Service is all about thanking veterans in the best way we know how, by empowering them with the gift of a healthier mouth. This year, Aspen Dental expects to give free dental care to approximately 5,000 veterans during the Day of Service, bringing the six-year total to more than 26,000 veterans served.

During the Day of Service, Aspen Dental dentists and teams will treat the most urgent needs of each veteran to ensure they are relieved of any dental pain, from fillings and extractions to basic denture repairs. Routine cleanings and exams are also provided.


Appointments are necessary and still available; veterans in need of free dental care can call 1-844-277-3646 (1-844-ASPENHMM) to schedule one at a participating office.

Saturday, June 8 will be a day filled with gratitude and lots of bright smiles. I encourage all businesses to do what they can to honor those who have given so much to keep us safe and free.

Bob Fontana is chairman and CEO of Aspen Dental Management Inc.