Gatorade launches first major product in 20 years

Gatorade is preparing to launch its latest product platform in 20 years. The company's new drink, Bolt24, is a low-calorie electrolyte beverage aimed at athletes.

Bolt24 has no artificial sweeteners or flavors and is designed for around the clock hydration. Brett O'Brien, Gatorade's senior vice president, told Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo the new drink will allow the company "to think about athletes in a whole different way."

Unlike other Gatorade products, O'Brien said the drink is specifically designed to help players when they are not in the game.

"We call it Bolt24 because it's that 24 hours a day of athlete preparation, that's where Bolt comes in and really does an amazing job," he said.

The drink is sea salt and watermelon based, something else that distinguishes it from other Gatorade products.

"It's a really interesting way to get electrolytes, whereas in the past electrolytes took different forms," O'Brien said.

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Electrolytes are an important part of hydration for both athletes and non-athletes. According to O'Brien, the salt helps people maintain the hydration that they need.

"It's what you want to be able to have in your body so that you don’t get dehydrated, you don't start to feel lethargic," he said.


The drink will come in three flavors: Tropical Mango, Mixed Berry and Watermelon Strawberry. The drink will also be available in select retailers as well as online at Amazon. Gatorade's suggested price for the product is set at $2.19 for a 16.9 oz. bottle.