Schwab: What investors should know about stock market volatility

Stock market volatility is a problem many investors struggle with.

The cause of volatility is unknown, but some people blame day traders, short sellers or professional investors. Some say it's all psychological.

Charles Schwab told FOX Business stock market volatility has always been here, and investors should get used to it.

"It's always been choppy and has always had ups and downs and never has gone straight in any direction for an indefinite period of time," Schwab said.

He notes that as the American economy has grown over the last century, the stock market average has risen and fallen throughout that history. But he's positive on the stock market.


"The stock market, on average, goes up," Schwab said. "It goes up usually two times more than than the actual market goes down. It's like a two-to-one ratio."

Charles Schwab is the founder, former CEO, and current chairman, of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Among the giants of the financial services industry, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders in American business.