Amazon customer asks Jeff Bezos during shareholder meeting for help returning package: report

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was asked during the annual shareholder’s meeting by a customer if he could help her return a package.

Bezos, 55, the world’s richest person and CEO of one of the world’s largest public companies, seemed surprised by the question. A video released by Amazon News on YouTube of the question and answer portion of the shareholder meeting showed a woman in the audience asking Bezos for a bit of help.

“Can you please return this for me?” the woman asked Bezos while holding an item. The audience laughed at the question.

The CEO was willing to help out.

“Yeah, sure we’ll help you with that right after the meeting,” he said. “Hang around a little bit and we’ll have somebody come and help and we’ll get that return taken care of.”

“Thank you very much,” the woman replied.

Bezos apologized to the woman for having to ask him for help at the meeting.

“My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should have been a much simpler task,” he said. “We’ll also look into the root cause of why that happened ... but anybody else have anything they need to return?”


The audience laughed at Bezos’ reply.

GeekWire reporter Todd Bishop tweeted the shareholder told Bezos she had tried to return the package four times but had no luck.

According to Amazon’s website, a customer can return items by requesting the proper paperwork from the Online Returns Center before putting the documents into the package and attaching a return to the parcel. A customer also has the option to return items to stores such as Kohl’s which has a partnership with Amazon.