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Shutting down economy wasn't the right approach: David Henderson

Hoover Institute research fellow David Henderson says shutting down states over an uptick in coronavirus cases isn’t a wise decision since being in warmer weather is known to kill coronavirus. Henderson later says Congress should eliminate its $600 weekly unemployment benefit at the end of July as a means to help job numbers substantially improve in August.

Economic recovery began in May: Anthony Chan

Former JPMorgan Chase & Co. chief economist Anthony Chan says while the June jobs report is positive news, there are still a record 19.5 million Americans who are still collecting unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mount Rushmore revives July 4th firework show

Pyro Spectaculars president and CEO Jim Souza says he's proud and honored to kick-off the Independence Day weekend at Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota, on July 3. Souza later discusses the economic support the firework entertainment industry needs from the government so his business can stay afloat.