Spending bill will bankrupt future generations: Kennedy

Well the piglets are headed back to the trough. Leave it to the dirty bubble dimwits in the Senate to spend "free money" with no regard for future and unintended consequences.

When Chuck Schumer love gasps at a bi-partisan blank check, you know we're in trouble, as bosom buddies Chuck and Mitch have put together a spending bill that jacks up the government tab by a whopping $300 billion over two years. Research money, block grants, childcare...a few billion here or there tossed around like confetti and public drunkenness tickets at an Eagles parade. What happened to fiscal conservatism? Where are the responsible stewards who rode in on a wave of tea party responsibility and economic liberty?

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By delivering a laundry list of goodies, these hyperbolic emotional children are indiscriminately increasing discretionary spending as they redecorate the bottle that will never again house the genie.

The only thing that stands in the way between congressional cash addicts and certain insolvency is the House Freedom Caucus, who, despite their collective missile fetish, know it is cruel and unwise to write checks our country can't cash as the forthcoming bill will certainly bankrupt future generations.

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Congratulations. You have a bloated federal government that refuses to count calories and get on the treadmill, yet has the audacity to ask if it looks fat in white pants. Oh, and they're spying on you. Forgive me if I seem exhausted by my own outrage, but being the only one who cares about the future is more tiring than listening to Nancy Pelosi drone on for hours about her grandson's birthday wish. I wish these unprincipled hacks gave a rip about the debt they're creating by giving us all this free stuff.

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