Eric Trump on Cruz PAC Ad: Leave Family Out of it

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Eric Trump: We are a country that believes in immigration

The Trump Organization Executive V.P. Eric Trump on what is needed to improve U.S. national security and immigration policy, candidates' wives becoming a focus in the presidential race and the threatening letter Eric Trump's family received.

Following a big win in the Arizona primary for his father Donald Trump, Trump Organization Executive V.P. Eric Trump weighed in on the latest in the 2016 presidential race, U.S. foreign policy and immigration.

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“Well, listen, Arizona has been a great state. Obviously they care about border security – that’s  kind of my father’s biggest message – and obviously it hit home when you see what happened in Brussels yesterday. Border security is something that is obviously going to be on everybody’s mind, this is truly front and center,” Trump told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Trump then weighed in on the delegate math that is increasingly adding up in his father’s favor toward a potential Republican nomination.

“But the math is becoming very hard for the candidates; Kasich is obviously, the math is impossible at this point, obviously Cruz would need about 90% of the remaining delegates and we’re coming home now, we’re coming back here to New York.  And after a little ‘New York values’ statement I don’t think he’s going to do to well around here.”

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On Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s hopes of a potentially contested convention, Trump said, “We’ve been fighting from afar the entire time, right. We’ve won states like Florida, Mississippi, Arizona and Nevada and all these other states, right; those were never home-turf advantage. These guys have already had their home-turf advantage, now we come back to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and California which is kind of a second home to my father.”

Trump discussed the potential political fallout if there did end up being a contested Republican convention.

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“If he got to 1,250 or he got to 1,220 and he was 10 million votes ahead of the next candidate, that’s not democracy. What is the Republican Party? A party is made up of people.  If he had five million more people vote for him, or 10 million more people, and you have this boys club in Washington, D.C. who said, ‘you know what, you’re not our guy anymore,’ I do think there would be ‘little r’ riots in the street.”  Trump continued, “The Republican Party would probably lose again, I mean that.  My father has brought a sense of winning into the Republican Party, we lost the last two contests.”

Trump also talked about why immigration reform is an important issue on the campaign trail, especially in the aftermath of the attacks in Brussels.

“His whole message is make America great again, make America safe again, let’s secure our borders, let’s know who’s in our country.” Trump continued, “My mom is an immigrant, my mom came from Czechoslovakia, she came here legally, we are a melting pot, we are a country that believes in immigration, right. But you need to come to this country legally, we need to know who you are”

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Trump then weighed in on former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments on Donald Trump’s wives and a Cruz Super PAC using Melania Trump in an ad.

“I think it’s disgusting. You leave family out of it right, especially quite frankly wives.  Come after me, come after anybody else, you leave wives out of it.  We happen to know Heidi [Cruz] very well who is his wife, they know her [Melania] very well, it’s kind of below the belt.  I was surprised he did that; Here’s a guy that goes around preaching morality and this and that.”

Eric Trump also talked about Melania Trump potentially becoming the First Lady.

“By the way, she happens to be an amazing person, she would make an incredible First Lady. She is solid as a rock, she has been like an amazing mother to Barron through this whole process which is not easy when you are trying to raise a young child, going through a presidential race like this.”

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