Laura Ingraham: There’s a Fun Factor at Trump Rallies

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Laura Ingraham: Since when does politics have to not be fun?

FNC contributor Laura Ingraham on the factors driving Donald Trump's success on the Republican side of the 2016 presidential race.

Is Trump changing people’s perceptions of politics?  Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham explains how making politics fun is helping drive Donald Trump’s success in the 2016 presidential race. 

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“I was watching the rally last night and a couple of the previous Trump rallies, and to a lesser extent Rubio’s, and although he’s had pretty nice sized crowds, there’s a fun factor at the Trump rally. I know people watching think ‘that’s kind of goofy, what do you mean fun factor?’  But since when does politics have to not be fun? 

Ingraham also discussed the impact of the Republican establishment in the 2016 presidential race with FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo. 

“Imagine if the establishment of the GOP actually did what it normally does which is rally behind the overwhelming frontrunner… they are not doing that now, they’re actually figuring out ways to stop the frontrunner. But if a few of these establishment people kind of came along to the realization that on a few issues: trade, globalization, immigration, a few of these issues, if they move just a bit toward the voters, they might be able to propel a Rubio into a big challenge with Trump.” 

Ingraham then commented on how Trump would do against Hillary Clinton if he were the Republican nominee. 

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“If the mainstream Republican Party wants to throw in with the Democrats to kill off Trump, if he is the nominee, then yeah, Trump probably will have a difficult time. If the mainstream GOP says ‘look, we’re going to put together a new coalition, we’re going to help Trump on some of these issues, but we’re going to move more towards the grass roots of the country, put a new coalition of the Republican Party back together,’ [then] I don’t see how you don’t beat Hillary.” 

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On whether there could be a potential backlash to Trump’s style, Ingraham said: “He is going to have to grow as a candidate as well, his face isn’t on Mt. Rushmore quite yet, okay, so he’s going to have to grow, he’s going to have to work with these establishment people if this is all going to work.  But so far Trump, in my mind, has shown more willingness to work with other people on some of these issues than the establishment has demonstrated its willingness to work with him.”