Scott Brown Backs 'Change Agent' Trump for President

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Donald Trump gets key endorsement from Scott Brown

Former Sen. Scott Brown, (R-Mass.), on why he chose to endorse Donald Trump.

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown explained to FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo why he is backing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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 “The overriding theme that came about is two things, first of all any one of the candidates running on our side would make a better president than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, that’s number one. Number two: the fact that you have such gridlock in Washington as we talk about on your show and all over the place, all your listeners and viewers understand that politicians get things done on a very rare basis there, and I believe we need a change agent, somebody who can go in there and really shake things up.”

Brown continued: “The only person who’s ever really ever had a private sector job and actually created jobs is Donald Trump and the fact that he understands business and understands a profit and loss statement-- understands basically how to deal with budgetary issues-- I think that he would surround himself with good people to actually get things done when it comes to our economic issues.”

Brown also discussed concerns about Trump’s lack of political experience.

“He’s not from Washington, there are some wonderful, wonderful people in Washington, but right now there is so much petty, partisan personal interests there influencing and basically strangling those good people.  I feel it is important to get somebody down there who can kind of shake it up and not be like the others.”

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Brown addressed rumors he may be part of the Trump ticket.

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On January 18, he said “I’m flattered and it’s quite premature. My role right now in holding our barbecues is to get to know the candidates and then make sure I can do everything in my power to make sure there is a Republican in the White House.”

Brown reiterated those comments saying: “Listen, my role is very clear, I’m going to do whatever anyone needs, if it was another candidate I supported and ultimately if it is another nominee at the very end, I’m going to do whatever I can to get a Republican in the White House.”