What Hillary Clinton's Tax Plan Will Cost You

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Will Hillarys tax plan hurt the economy?

FBNs Gerri Willis breaks down Hillary Clintons tax plan and how it will impact the taxpayer.

According to the Tax Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s tax plan will create higher taxes for individuals and businesses. FOXBusiness.com breaks down how much it will cost the taxpayer and the economy.

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  • 1. Create a shrinking economy

    Create a shrinking economy

    Tax Foundation found that the economy would lose 300,000
    full time jobs under Clinton's tax plan and shave off 0.8% in wages of those that remain employed.  

  • 2. Reduce GDP

    Reduce GDP

    The taxes and growth model showed her plan would lower U.S. GDP by 1% over the long term -- that means a rise in inflation.

  • 3. Reduce Capital Investment

    Reduce Capital Investment

    The Tax Foundation found that Clinton’s plan will cause capital investment to drop 3%.

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