Christie: Let's Keep the Focus on Hillary Clinton

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants to remind everyone who the real enemy is.

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Apparently, it isn’t the other Republican candidates running for president. It’s Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Christie made his point during the first of two GOP debates in Milwaukee sponsored by the FOX Business Network and the Wall Street Journal.

It came following an exchange involving Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in which Jindal touted his budget-cutting prowess in his home state and accused Huckabee of growing government in Arkansas.

Christie assured viewers that all the GOP candidates are far more likely to cut the federal budget if elected than Democrat Clinton, a former Secretary of State, senator from New York and First Lady.

In past GOP debates, criticism has arisen that the candidates have spent far too much time disparaging one another. Christie seems to want to direct the focus on the general election in November 2016.

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But Jindal, apparently hoping to separate himself from the rest of the GOP pack, feels that his rivals aren’t conservative enough. He said defeating the Democrats would be a meaningless victory if the voters sent to Washington a candidate who wasn’t truly committed to the core conservative philosophy of reducing the sizing of government and scaling back spending.

Jindal also said Christie increased spending in New Jersey.

But Christie wouldn’t take the bait, keeping his focus directly on Clinton and what he described as her appeal to far left voters.  

“Hillary is running so far to the left of her Democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders that it’s hard to even see her anymore,” Christie said. “I’m going to keep my eye on the ball.”

For what it’s worth, Christie only mentioned Clinton’s chief rival Sanders in passing, suggesting at least he believes Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.


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