Pataki: GOP Needs to Dump Trump, Fight for Dignity of America

Pataki: GOP candidates afraid to fight with Trump

Former Governor George Pataki says Republicans need to stand up and fight for the dignity of America and reject Trumps comments on Mexican immigrants.

A Twitter (TWTR) war has erupted between 2016 presidential hopefuls George Pataki and Donald Trump, following Pataki’s call for other GOP candidates to denounce Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants.

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“Obviously, sadly, I am in a fight with Donald Trump and that’s unfortunate-it wasn’t my goal,” Pataki said during an interview on FOX Business Network’s The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan. The former governor of New York added, “my goal is very simply to make sure that my party, as we have since the days of Abraham Lincoln, stands up for the rights of everyone and don’t denigrate anyone.”

.@GovernorPataki couldn’t be elected dog catcher if he ran again—so he didn’t!

Pataki shared a personal story about how members of his family were labeled when they came to America.

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“I had four grandparents who were immigrants, they couldn’t speak English. My father couldn’t speak English when he went off to the first grade and they were the victims of stereotypes, and I don’t think that’s right in the 21st Century.”

Pataki told Regan the response he has been getting from other candidates has been “disappointing.” He added, “if we don’t stand up for the dignity of everyone, how are we going to reach out to Latino voters?”


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