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Whatever happened to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie?

By Cavuto FOXBusiness

Neil's Spiel: Gov. Christie's political woes all about the economy?

American Principles in Action Director Steve Lonegan and FBN's Neil Cavuto argue the economy, not bridgegate, is the biggest obstacle to Gov. Chris Christie's, (R-NJ), political future.

A little more than a year ago, the Republican governor was on the fast lane out of New Jersey and headed to the White House.

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Then one of those lanes outside of the George Washington Bridge apparently, shut down… creating what is now known as Bridgegate. Today a key Christie ally, David Wildstein, pleaded guilty to making it happen and admitting it was all political payback. He faces as many as 15 years in prison.

No signs point the former Port Authority official "directly" to the governor...  

But let's just say they do point to a continued fixation over a scandal that won't go away... Amid a New Jersey economy that just won't get better.

So forget about Bridegate... Has all this other stuff effectively "closed" the gate on Chris Christie’s presidential chances?

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