Rupert Murdoch on Global Implications Behind Scotland’s Independence Vote

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Rupert Murdoch weighs in on Scotland's independence vote

21st Century Fox Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch on Scotland's independence vote, David Cameron, the U.S. economy, terror threats, why he pulled out on the Time Warner deal and his take on 2016 U.S. presidential candidates.

The vote for Scotland’s independence on Thursday is expected to be close -- and 21st Century Fox Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch says either way, it will mean change for the country.

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In an interview with FBN’s Neil Cavuto Thursday morning, Murdoch said turnout could be higher than 85% of the population.

“I think it will be within 100,000 votes either way,” said Murdoch.

Murdoch also connected the dots between Scotland’s vote for independence and other countries’ political situations.

“I think there’s meaning in this, and I think it goes beyond Scotland,” Murdoch said. “I think there’s a great set of anti-establishment groundswell which is seen in this vote in Scotland. You’re seeing it here in Britain, in the anti-European party -- which [has] one single issue, which is to get out of Europe … you know, really if you take the United States and go across middle America, what do they think of Washington and Wall Street, for that matter?”

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For more on Murdoch’s thoughts on Scotland, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and the U.S. economy, watch the full interview above.

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