‘Braveheart’ Actor: Vote ‘Yes’ for Scotland’s Independence

By Gabrielle Karol Politics FOXBusiness

Actor Brian Cox on Scotland: We'll run our own country really well

'Braveheart' actor Brian Cox on why he favors Scottish independence.

In “Braveheart,”actor Brian Cox appeared in a movie about the First War of Scottish Independence. Now, he says Scots need to stick up for themselves once again – by voting for independence.

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In an interview with FBN’s Neil Cavuto, Cox called the British political system broken.

“It has been in smithereens for a long time,” said Cox.

And though numerous economists warn of economic concerns, Cox said the Scots’ “canny” traits would help Scotland succeed on its own.

“We’re patronized, we’re condescended to, but we’re quietly getting on with it,” said Cox, who added that Scotland would prove to be an example of economic success as an independent country.

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