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This week on Fox and Friends I answered a few viewer questions. The last question didn’t make it on to the show, but see my answer below. It’s tough out there, but stay strong in your job hunt.  

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Cheryl - I have over 20 years experience in the security/intelligence field & am a U.S. Army vet. I have worked as a Security Specialist/Manager & a Counter-Terrorism/Intelligence Analyst both here & abroad. I  have experience in crisis management, risk/threat analysis, & more. I have seen the segment on companies that are hiring but have not seen anything regarding my specialty. Can you help me?

*You have a couple of options here, depending on your salary requirements and willingness to move.  
*The Department of Energy in DC is another option for you.  You obviously won’t have a problem getting security clearance, and the military experience could come into play there as well.
*Finally, have you considered marketing yourself as a personal security expert/consultant to a company?  Whether it's protecting the CEO, evaluating for companies whether or not they should build a plant in, say, .Nigeria, or simply managing site security, you have the type of resume that gives you a bit of a chameleon status in the job world.  
*You would be the perfect person for a major corporation to hire, and they’d pay you well I believe.  This type of work is usually contract, so no benefits, but it’s a great option.

Take a look at: 
RAYTHEON – a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, homeland security and other government markets throughout the world
*Currently has about 1,400 positions open, with 350 college positions posted for Spring and Fall recruiting
*Top Jobs: Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Supply Chain/Purchasing
*Currently concentrating on hiring at East Coast facilities (MA, MD, VA, PA, FL)
*Has been designated a “Best Place to Work” by the Human Rights Campaign
*Raytheon leads the defense industry in international sales with 26 percent (of total annual sales)
*Find out more information at

Cheryl - I lost my job 2 years ago and became very depressed and unable to work. I would like to begin looking for a job again, but I am worried about my resume. How can I explain the gap? I can't say I was depressed -- can I use a white lie instead, like that I was helping a sick relative?

*Taking a break from the workforce during the Great Recession is acceptable and normal
*When asked about the gap, the phrase is “I decided to take a break and re-evaluate my priorities and my goals”
*Don’t write anything on the resume, just list the years like you worked and when.  If they ask, see the answers above.

I'm a very young 60-year-old looking to go back to work in graphic design. I have contacted my old colleagues, but was given the runaround. I am talented, energetic, loyal & good at what I do. Is it too late for me to find a job due to my age?? HELP!

*You are 60 years old and you need to be honest about your age.
*Your field is completely different than it was when you first started, and most likely, when employers see your age, they automatically think “not up to speed on current technology”
*You need to get some web based freelance design jobs. I don’t care if you design a cat tree game for your grandkids, or a website about hot dogs.  There are basic and free web design tutorials out there. Then, build your own website, with examples of your work.  
*You also need to make a Facebook page for your new company site. A lot of people want pretty websites, but assume they can’t afford it.

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