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Where the Jobs are This Week

By The Casone Exchange FOXBusiness

Our top company today is Boeing. It’s an example of a company that is both hiring and firing as the U.S. government scales back its defense budget, and its new Dreamliner and the commercial side of the business are doing well.

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BOEING –the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes and defense, space and security systems

* Has 500+ job openings and expects to hire 12,000 people by the end of the year (Note: 12,000 is total for all hiring activity, including normal attrition replacements)

* Top Jobs
      -Airplane manufacturing
      -Cyber security
      -Information technology

* A lot of openings available, specifically in Washington, Missouri and South Carolina

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* Boeing employment levels increased by roughly 11,000 in 2011 (note: 11,000 is also a net number)

* Visit for more information.

BRIGHTSTAR CARE – a full-service health care staffing agency providing both non-medical and medical services.

* It currently has 1,600 job openings across 260 offices in 38 states. It has created 5,237 new jobs and opened 65 new offices since the beginning of 2011

* Top Jobs
      - Nurses (approximately 500)
      - CAN/home health aides (approximately 500)
      -Caregivers (approximately 200, mostly part-time)  
      -Sales/marketing (approximately 100)

* Targeting expansions in Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, Akron/Cleveland, San Diego, Atlanta and Las Vegas

* Each year BrightStar creates 5,000 jobs. It also has plans to create 25,000+ jobs in the next five years.

* Go to for more information

ELEMENTS THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE – massage franchise offering massage therapy paired with professional massage therapists

* It currently has approximately 600 openings for the expected 30 new studios to open by the end of the year

* Top Jobs:
      -Massage therapists (average salary: $37-45k per year)
      -Studio managers ($30-40k per year + bonus)
      -Client Services Specialists ($10-12 per hour + bonus)

* While the company offers some disability benefits, a comprehensive benefits program for employees is planned to roll out in 2013.

* The company will open more than 150 new franchise locations across the country in the next 2 years with locations in n New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, Arizona and California

* It is the only massage franchise founded by a licensed massage technician and recently opened its 100th studio. It also has an additional 150 franchise studios

* Go to for more information

PATRICE & ASSOCIATES – a recruiting  engine fueling the restaurant and hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, casinos, grocery and retail

* Clients have 100+ openings now, Patrice & Associates plans to fill nearly 500+ openings by mid 2013

* Top Jobs
      -Hospitality Management

* Salary ranges from $35,00-$75,000 and all recruiters are self-employed, independent contractors

* Another five offices slated to open by the end of the year and another 50 by the end of 2013

* Go to for more info

TOPPERS PIZZA – a 46-unit eclectic pizza delivery franchise brand

* It has 12 new store openings with six more scheduled for 2012 creating 25-35 jobs per location for a total of 630 new positions

* The company also plans to open 30 more stores in 2013, which means another 750-1,050 new jobs

* Top Jobs
      -General managers ($28-40k+)
      - Assistant managers ($8-11 per hour)
      - Inside crew/pizza makers/customer service ($8-10 per hour)
      - Delivery drivers (min wage +tips)

* Also looking for corporate IT positions specializing in Point of Sale software and apps. Five to eight of these positions per store are available and these jobs receive benefits

* Growing markets include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, and Cincinnati, Ohio

* Toppers Pizza was ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchises in 2011

* Go to for more information