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Where the Jobs Are This Week

By The Casone Exchange FOXBusiness

This week on Fox and Friends we answered viewer questions sent to  Many of you have written about work-at-home opportunities, so that’s the first answer below. Also, it surprised me to see that someone (anyone) in the healthcare field is struggling to find work, but see the second question and my response.

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Cheryl - I am a mom of 4-year-old twins & I find myself needing to find a job. I have been a stay-at-home mom & would like to find a job where I can work from home but don't know which jobs are the real thing.

*There are TONS of scams, it is frightening.  
*Remember: if there is no interview process, and they ask YOU for money, don’t do it!  Also, run their name through the better business bureau, and do an extensive Google search.  
*If you are able to manage four-year-old twins, then you will have no problem managing someone else’s schedule. The job for you is virtual assistant.  
*While that job has mostly been coveted by young kids out of college who can’t find work in their field, you have that “mature, Mom, manager” thing going for you!  
*So many people lead busy lives and you can manage everything from the comfort of your home with a phone and a computer. Airline reservations, dinner ideas, travel planning, banking, you name it.  People are willing to pay to save themselves time. Again, play up the Mom angle, while also getting some references together.

*o-DESK - World's largest online workplace that has contractors with any type of skill that can be done on a computer using the Internet to bring the work to them.
*Between the number of job postings currently available for contractors to work on oDesk, and in-house jobs available at oDesk, the company has more than 30,000 openings any given month.
*Top Jobs to Work at Home: Web Programming/Design, Data Entry, Web Research, Personal Assistant, Customer Service, Graphic Design, Blog/Article writing
*Contractors set their own hourly rates, contractors can also get a range of health/life insurance plans through NetBenefits
*Top Jobs at oDesk’s HQ in CA: Engineering and Marketing. Also—oDesk has benefits like Work From Home Tuesdays!
*Was recently selected for Forbes' list of Top Websites for Your Career, is a member of the BBB and the company currently has contractors in more than 160 countries


Cheryl - I have applied to over 50 job postings & have had only 2 interviews.  I am a veteran, I have a doctorate degree & an active pharmacist license with 4+ years experience. Job postings are abundant but positions are few & salaries are down over 25%. I am now working with pharmacy recruiters but they seem sketchy. Is there a staffing company/recruiting firm that is sincere & respectable?

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*You don’t pay the recruiter, the company does, so never give money to them. If you’re asked to they are not legit!
*Picking a recruiter is based on whether you identify with that recruiter -- do you feel comfortable with them, and can they give you specific examples, w/out naming companies, of potential positions you would be suited for?
*As for actual positions, you have to go the company’s website directly, there is no other way. On CVS’s website, for example, if you are a pharmacist there is the name/contact info for a specific person. *Unfortunately, you most likely are going to have to take a lower salary than what you expected, because as you said in your email, there is a glut right now of candidates available.
*I think you should consider another possibility: online pharmacies.  It’s not just Caremark anymore, there is a big shift right now from traditional pharmacies to Internet prescription management.  
*You should also look at the major health insurance companies, and look into corporate-type positions where you could work as a consultant.

*CVS/CAREMARK – The largest integrated pharmacy company in the U.S.
*There are 2,000 current open positions.
*Top Jobs: Information Systems, Account Management, Audit, Project Management, Customer Service, Pharmacists, (and in MinuteClinics: Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants).
*Expects to add about 150 new stores in 2013 and about 100 new MinuteClinic (in-store medical clinic) are being added this year
*Hiring with larger volume in AZ, IL, PA, RI and TX
*In 2012, CVS Caremark was named as one of the Most Reputable Companies in America by Reputation Institute, in partnership with Forbes Media.
*Company owns approximately 7,400 CVS/pharmacy stores and 600 MinuteClinic locations.