E3 2010: Gaming's Future
Check out the highlights from the 2010 E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

LA Convention Center Hosting E3

An estimated 45,000 people are expected to descend on Los Angeles from June 15-17 for the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo to see the latest hardware from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft along with the expected announcement of hundreds of new titles by the world’s software developers. The Los Angeles Convention Center is pictured here. (Source: Reuters)

Xbox 360 Redesign and Kinect

The newly-redesigned Xbox 360 with the Kinect camera accessory. It is unclear if the Kinect will come in an Xbox package or be sold separately.

Xbox 360 Kinect Closeup

A close-up of the Kinect Camera. The camera is approximately 8 inches wide and 3 inches tall and is made to sit inconspicuously in front of your TV. It will be released Nov. 9.

E3 Guests Try Out Xbox Kinect

Guests try out Xbox Kinect games during a preview for E3 in Los Angeles. (Source: Reuters)

Sims 3 Demonstrated at E3

EA developers show off the latest incarnation of The Sims, called Sims 3. The game will soon be available across all consoles.

'Michael Jackson' Game by Ubisoft

Backup dancers for late pop star Michael Jackson perform for the presentation of the game "Michael Jackson" during the Ubisoft media briefing ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. (Source: Reuters)

2010 E3 West Hall

The West Hall of E3 hosts both Nintendo and Sony in neighboring booths at the expo

Life-Size Halo Game Characters

A life-size model of characters from the Xbox 360 game Halo: Reach. Software developers often spare no expense to develop hype for their games, doing things like dressing up actors to walk around or covering their entire booths with large-screen televisions.

Star Wars Game Display

A promo movie of the latest "Star Wars" game at E3, guarded by real-life stormtroopers.

Metroid Other M Demo

Players line up to play a demo of Metroid: Other M. Developers often wait hours in line to play a highly-anticipated title.

Nintendo 3DS Unveiled

Nintendo announced a handheld console called the 3DS on Tuesday, which will allow consumers to experience 3D-like games without the need for glasses. The console is expected to be available to consumers no later than March 2011.

Gamers Wait to Try Nintendo 3DS

Gamers wait to try out Nintendo's new 3DS handheld console. The console provides 3D-like effects without the need for glasses.

Zelda Wii Announcement

Nintendo announcing a new game based on its highly-popular Zelda franchise. The game will be developed for the Wii and is expected for release in 2011.

'Tiger Woods PGA' for Playstation Move

Sony executives demo the latest Tiger Woods PGA tour game at its press conference at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The game will take advantage of Sony's new Move controller, which can act as a golf club in this situation.

E3 2010: Gaming's Future

Check out the highlights from the 2010 E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

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