Media blasts Trump for market selloff, never gives him credit for economy: Ben Stein


Economist Ben Stein said Tuesday that President Trump shouldn’t tout the stock market, but instead should focus on other economic factors.

“He probably shouldn’t have touted the stock market. Even The Wall Street Journal said don’t tout the stock market it’s something over which you have very little control and it’s something that doesn’t really affect the real world economy very much. Take credit for the incredible growth in jobs, take credit for the growth in real salaries and real wages,” he told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald on “Risk & Reward.”

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After two days of heavy losses, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied back on Tuesday, shooting up 568 points and closing the day at 24,912.77. During the Dow’s two-day slump, media outlets started pointing fingers at Trump, blaming him for the massive market selloff.

While the unemployment rate still holds at 4.1%, the average hourly wage for private sector workers rose 2.9% from last year and in January the economy added 200,000 jobs.

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Stein believes that the media should give Trump credit for the booming economy.

“I love the fact that the media never ever slapped him on the back and said look ‘you are doing a great job on the economy.’ The slightest crack, a tiny crack, 4% in the Dow and they’re all over him,” he said.

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