Google now predicts flight delays

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Google Flights, the tech giant’s airline flight search engine, now provides reasons for flight delays, predictions on which flights will be delayed and what travelers can expect if they booked the cheapest seats on a plane.

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Using historic flight status data and its own algorithms, it can predict some delays even if the information hasn’t been released by the airline. Google (GOOGL) said it will only announce the delay if there is an 80% chance the prediction will be correct.

To get the information, users search for their flight using the airline and flight number, or by the airline and flight route.

At a time when many airlines are offering new types of seating on flights, confusion can arise when it comes to which options are available when booking particular fares.

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So Google also rolled out a new feature that will break down what customers on airlines can expect — such as seat selection, baggage fees and overhead bin space — when booking fare types such as “basic economy.”

Google Flights will provide the info to customers using data from American, Delta and United Airlines.

However, Google still recommends not waiting until the last minute to get to the airport in case any unexpected issues occur.

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