Get Ready for a Hot September for Stocks

By Investing Basics FOXBusiness

I’m back from vacation, and it looks like I brought my post-vacation lethargy with me.  Still, a cooling off period for the market isn’t all that bad, as it takes the starch out of the torrid late-August run.  Given that, I think we may see a very nice September.

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I look at Tesla Motors (TSLA) regularly, but haven’t for a few months.  I honestly think if they come out with a more affordable car, this could be the Ford (F) of our generation.  Stock looks solid for $300.

Does everyone use Netflix (NFLX)?  Maybe not, but enough folks do that this stock isn’t going away.  Once it breaks the current sideways movement, it should soar past $500.

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Back next week to celebrate summer’s last shot.

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