Seven Gift Ideas for College Students
Not sure what to get your college student this holiday season? We’ve rounded up a list of seven gift ideas that are useful and sure to please.

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College students can be hard to pick out gifts for—but we found seven gifts that will help their make their college lives easier and won’t break the bank.


Scanner Pen

Scanner pen

A scanner pen makes converting text into digital copies easy. Students can use these pens to get quotes from a textbook, copy information from a utility bill or receipt, and some even scan pictures with some models. This pen is great for students who don’t want to retype a bunch of material (for instance, from a library book that cannot be checked out) to get access to material for papers and research projects quickly.

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MP3 player with a voice recorder

For students who want to focus more on listening to a lecture than scribbling down a professor’s every word, an MP3 player with a voice recorder is a great gift option. Students can go back and listen to parts of a lecture they might not have understood in class and make sure they didn’t miss important information. An MP3 player also comes in handy to listen to tunes between classes or in the dorm room.

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Flash drive

The ability to carry important documents on a small, portable device comes in handy for college students rushing to turn in a paper before the deadline (because the printer never seems to be working when we really need it). With a flash drive, student can upload their documents, run to the library, pop in the device, print what they need and get it on the professor’s desk right in the nick of time. Flash drives also come in come in cool designs, colors and even school mascots.

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A professional wardrobe

College students on the brink of graduation or looking to get a internships will need suitable clothes for interviews and their career at some point, but they might not necessarily have the funds to create a new professional wardrobe. Work appropriate attire will be a welcomed addition to their closet.

For gifters not sure of what size or style the college student might prefer, a gift card to a retailer is just as good, they will thank you later as they’re trying to get established in the working world.

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A back-up system for their computer

Many college students don’t realize how devastated they would be if their computer crashed or was stolen and they lost everything: important papers, photos, and music files. By getting them a subscription to a digital backup system such as Carbonite or Barracuda, students can rest assured that their computer content is safe and since these systems are constantly backing up, they won’t even know they’re there.


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A LynxSquare account

For students who want the latest video games, DVDs, CDs and college text books without having to pay full price, parents can create an account for their kids on LynxSquare, a group buying and collaborative consumption website. Students can find other friends through social media and retail websites and share the costs and usage of the newest items to hit the shelves and save money at the same time.

Stacked Gift Cards

Gift cards of all varieties

It’s no secret college students tend not to be flush with cash, making gift cards an always-welcomed gift.  Whether they’re designated for retail stores, gas cards, books, or music, gift cards allows students to get exactly what they need---plus it saves you an extended trip to the mall.

Seven Gift Ideas for College Students

Not sure what to get your college student this holiday season? We’ve rounded up a list of seven gift ideas that are useful and sure to please.

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