Top Majors for 2011 Graduates
Check out the top college majors that will lead to the best job prospects for graduates this year, according to the NACE.


Picking a major is one of the most important decisions a college student will make. Here are the majors with the best job prospects in 2011, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


Accounting: Accounting Services

Accounting is a service that is needed in wide range of sectors giving accounting majors a higher chance of landing a job.

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Accounting: Government

The federal government, as well as state and municipal governments, need accountants to help track budgets and how taxpayers’ money is being spent.

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Accounting: Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Finance, insurance and real estate companies are always looking for good accountants to keep tabs on cash flow.


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Finance: Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Like any company, a financial, insurance or real estate firm needs a solid financial plan to ensure a successful future.


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Finance: Management Consulting

Companies will always need help creating and executing a solid financial plan to increase their likelihood for success.

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Finance: Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturing of all types need help with their financial planning to make sure production remains smooth—leading to big profits.

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Electrical Engineering: Utilities

There’s always a need for utilities such as electricity, which ensures there will be jobs out there for electrical engineering majors.

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Electrical Engineering: Computer & Electronics Manufacturing

With computers and electronics playing a greater role in our lives, the manufacturing of those electronics will be an ever expanding field.


Auto Assembly Line Worker

Electrical Engineering: Miscellaneous Manufacturing

Manufacturing plays a critical role in the economy, ensuring the need for electrical engineering.


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Computer Science: Information

As demand increases for information at the touch of a finger, computer science majors will be needed to ensure information is up-to-date and accessible.

Intel Fabrication

Computer Science: Computer & Electronics Manufacturing

As technology plays a greater role in the manufacturing of electronics and computers, experts will be necessary to ensuring the manufacturing process runs smoothly.

Intel Corp.

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Computer Science: Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Computers are playing a greater role in all areas of business putting computer science experts in great demand.


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Mechanical Engineering: Utilities

As the population continues to grow utility companies will need to expand to support the growing need--ensuring jobs for mechanical engineers.

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Mechanical Engineering-Chemical (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing)

Health care and pharmaceuticals are growing fields as baby boomers start to enter their golden years and life spans continue to increase.

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Mechanical Engineering: Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Food manufacturers are always in need of mechanical engineers to help make their manufacturing process better and more efficient.


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Business Administration Management: Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturers of any kind need experts in business administration to ensure they have a solid and efficient business model to help drive profitability.


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Business Administration Management: Retail Trade

Retail isn’t just about designing the right clothes or products, just as important is constructing a good business plan to be successful.

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Business Administration Management: Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Achieving success for any financial firm begins with a good management team to create a solid business plan and execute it successfully.


Top Majors for 2011 Graduates

Check out the top college majors that will lead to the best job prospects for graduates this year, according to the NACE.

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