Eight Gadgets for World Travelers
Going somewhere? Here are eight gadgets that will make getting there less painful.

Going somewhere?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the next town over or around the world, these gadgets are indispensible during your travels.

Franklin TGA-490 Global Translator

Avoid a language faux pas with this translator. It has more than 450,000 words and phrases and can ‘speak’ 115,000 of them in 12 languages including English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian. The sliding keypad keeps it compact and can play back voice recordings, and if you get bored, MP3s.
Retail: $199.95

Apple MacBook Air

If a netbook just isn’t enough, the MacBook Air combines the features a traveler wants most in a sturdy aluminum case that is only 0.76 inches at its thickest and weighs just three pounds. An ambient light sensor will adjust the backlit keyboard keeping your fingers moving on those dark, overnight flights.
Retails Between $1,499 and $1,799

Vuzix Wrap 230

Tune out the rest of the world like never before. These video glasses are like having a 46-inch screen all to yourself and connects to a portable DVD player, media device, gaming system, or even a computer. The device can even be worn over most prescription glasses.
Retail: $169.99

Joby GorillaPod

Never be left out of the picture again. The Gorillapod flexible tripod will get you a stable camera position from any angle. Put it on your bicycle, broken ground, steps, anyplace you need to get a firm platform for your camera
Retail: $19.95

Kensington MicroSaver Notebook Lock

It’s hard to part with your laptop, but sometimes it’s not safe to leave it alone in a hotel room. Problem solved: The steel cabled key lock connects to the security bar located on most laptops to let you secure it in your hotel room, car or meeting location.
Retail: $44.99

Kensington Rechargeable Pocket Booster

Sometimes there’s no outlet to be found when you really need one. Charge this gadget off a USB port then throw it in your bag, glove box, or back pack and give your smart device a boost if you run out of power on the run.
Retail: $24.99

SteriPen Adventurer

Montezuma’s revenge, the Aztec two-step, Delhi belly: it can happen in an instant and put a damper on a vacation. Millions of travelers each year suffer from stomach problems related to contaminated drinking water. The SteriPen uses UV light to sterilize water contaminants making it safer to drink.
Retail: $99.95

Cisco Flip Slide HD

Shoot up to four hours of HD-video and then play it back on the flip up widescreen from a device that’s just over four inches by two inches. It powers up in under four seconds so you’ll never miss a moment.
Retail: $279.99

Eight Gadgets for World Travelers

Going somewhere? Here are eight gadgets that will make getting there less painful.

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