Trump: Jobs, Education and Unity Will End Violent Protests

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Donald Trump weighs in on Charlotte riots

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Police-involved shootings spurred protests this week from Charlotte, North Carolina to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump weighed in on the shootings during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs.

Trump said that the U.S. needs more unity in order to see a cease in the number of violent protests.

“We are very divided country in many ways, but we don’t have unity and we don’t have jobs and we don’t have education. And we need things like jobs and education to get that whole situation taken care of or it’s only going to get worse,” Trump said.

Trump said even though he is a supporter of the police, he believes the shooting in Tulsa, was a mistake and understands why the police officer responsible was being charged by prosecuters.

“It looked like she [Police Officer] certainly did something very wrong and whether she choked, which happens people choke and maybe she choked or she couldn’t handle the pressure or something went very, very wrong. But it just looked like that man did nothing wrong. I mean he walked with his hands up slowly; put his hands on the car. I just don’t see how they could have possibly shot him,” Trump said.

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