Love & Money: Is Your Partner Your Financial Soul Mate?

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Love and money

Inside the new survey that shows how couples spend their money and save for the future!

Love and money, the two things you can’t live without (well, that and pizza). Ameriprise Financial (AMP) just released a brand new survey about couples' spending habits, how they jive when it comes to financials and what you and your significant other can do now to make the money situation a little greener.

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“One surprising thing that we found is that couples talk about money a lot” Marcy Keckler, VP of Financial Planning and Advice Strategy at Ameriprise, told

Financial discussions take place “more than world events, more than politics!” she adds.

The study showed that 77% percent of couples feel that they are on the same page when it comes to finances and that the 33% who don’t, tend to argue at least once a month.


But it’s not all bad. Of those who tend to disagree, 82% say they can eventually work out their differences.

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“Couples do agree on a spending limit; the average was $400 but that varied by generation” adds Keckler.

The spending limit of a Millennial shopper who made a purchase without talking to their partner was around $250-$300, whereas baby boomers spent roughly $500. Not to mention, 5% of respondents said they were hiding a secret bank account from their partner!

When it comes to retirement, the study showed 23% of the couples felt that they weren’t on the same page or just not sure if they were prepared to retire.

So what can couples do to sync up?

“One money strategy that can make sense for couples is a three-account approach,” says Keckler.

An “ours, yours and mine” arrangement allows couples to have a joint account for shared expenses as well as separate accounts to have some financial independence and still be able to surprise one another.

However you and your partner spend, be sure to invest responsibly and speak to an expert!

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