Yale Student Disagrees with White Poet Petition

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Yale students petition against white poet curriculum

Yale University student Zachery Young weighs in on a petition filed by some Yale students to abolish white poets from its English department's curriculum.

Yale students have recently started a white poet ban petition, which moves to change a Yale English course's curriculum because it "lacks diversity." The students believe the course creates a culture that is hostile to students of color.

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However, one student disagrees with the petition and believes that the curriculum should include significant works in history.

“I think we should be judging the works that we teach the English major based on their historical significance and their merits,” Zachary Young said to Fox Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton.

Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, John Milton and T.S. Eliot are just a few of the poets that the course covers.

“I also disagree with the tactics [the students are using]," Young said. "I think that when you disagree with your professor, the best way to approach it isn’t to create a 160 person petition and accuse them of being unethical if they disagree with you,” he said.

Young claimed that even if there are students who disagree with the petition, they might be fearful about speaking out about it.

“I think there are a lot of students who probably disagree with it but would be afraid to actually go out and say that because of how wide spread the movement is and because of the treatment that has been felt on the campus in the past year to people who did speak in heterodox ways,” he said.

Young said though he disagrees with the petition, he still thinks it is important for people to have their opinions heard.

“A lot of the fear is of social judgment but I think if people are honest and express themselves sincerely, I think students will be more understanding,” he said.


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