Power Millennials: Three Entrepreneurs Team Up to Simplify NYC Nightlife

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Power Millennials: Simplifying NYC nightlife

FROTH Co-Founders Catie Cole, Harry Lee and Dae Lim on what led them to create the drink-subscription membership group.

When you combine an ex-monk, with a former McKinsey consultant and a recent graduate from Harvard, you get FROTH, First Round on the House. FROTH is a subscription service where members pay $10 a month to get free first round drinks at various bars in New York City. 

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The three founders, Catie Cole, Harry Lee and Dae Lim, came up with the idea when they were out at night looking for a bar to go out to. They found themselves back at the same bar they always went to. Out of frustration, they wanted to simplify NYC's nightlife and find more options of places to go out. 

And thus FROTH was born. Currently the group is expanding within New York City, hosting events for its members and enhancing the nightlife experience. FROTH has over 500 members and over 1,000 people on the waitlist. 

The goal is for FROTH to become a nationwide community. For example, if a New York based FROTH member travels to San Francisco, they'll be able to tap into the local FROTH network.

What's really unique about the FROTH team though is the combination of the founders' backgrounds. 

Lee, a graduate of Columbia University, spent some time away from school in a monastery learning the Zen tradition. He says that learning how to live in the present has helped him focus on developing FROTH's business.

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Lim recently left consulting giant McKinsey & Company, which has produced the likes of Facebook's (FB) Sheryl Sandberg and Google's (GOOGL) Sundar Pichai. He says that learning how to break big problems into smaller pieces is crucial in launching a start up. 

And Cole, being the only female on the team, recently graduated from Harvard University She says it can be daunting to work in a male dominated industry, but that it gets easier and being a female makes her stand out in a crowded room of men.

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