Is a 'Smart Suitcase' the Solution to the Stress of Travel?

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How the new 'smart suitcase' helps ease your stress when traveling

Raden CEO Josh Udashkin on all the technological features in the company's luggage.

Travel is often a stressful endeavor, but could a ‘smart suitcase’ help ease travelers’ anxiety? Raden CEO Josh Udashkin explained all the tech features of the luggage designed to help improve the travel experience.

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“You download the Raden app from the App Store and then you choose your home airport, so it actually geo-locates the closest airport to you. You can let it into your email or you can enter your flight information. And then it is providing you weather and weather delays, security wait time, public transit or travel by car and it deep links with Uber,”  Udashkin told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Udashkin then discussed the suitcase’s tracking feature.

“And then it tracks where the cases are. So right now it’s saying that this case is less than three feet away from me, and if we rolled it out the studio it would tell me exactly where it was.”

Udashkin later explained how the customer service feature can work with the tracking tool to locate misplaced bags.

“Let’s say your bag is mishandled or it is lost, you can just press in the right-hand corner our chat feature and then you can talk live to our customer service in New York.

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Along with easing travelers’ stress, Udashkin explained how the weight feature can also reduce the impact on their wallets by potentially avoiding charges due to baggage weight overages.

“I’ll give you a demonstration of the weight. So we are calibrating the case right now, luggage is calibrated, you can weigh your bag. So you just simply lift it up with the palm of your hand. So you see the case weighs 8.3 pounds. And if you entered in your flight information it actually would have algorithmed out what the cost of any baggage overage would have been. So you’ll never have to pay for baggage overage again.”

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The luggage can even help keep your phone charged.

“There is a battery in the back that charges all your electronics and it’s completely modular so it just comes out and you can use it as a portable travel accessory,” Udashkin said.

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