Don't be like these people on April Fool's Day

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April Fool's Day pranks of the past

Looking back at past pranks that occurred on April Fool's Day

Let’s face it – we’ve all been victims of the holiday. So, no judgment from us, but we will give credit where credit is due to the pranksters. Here’s a list of some excellently executed April Fool’s Day pranks. May these serve as inspiration... or a warning!

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  • 1. The Left-handed Whopper

    The Left-handed Whopper


    Burger King took a bite out of people’s pride when they announced the “left-handed Whopper.”  It had all the same ingredients, rotated 180 degrees for lefties.  Thousands of customers came into order them – and lots of others complained that they wanted a righty whopper just for them!

  • 2. The UFO Sighting

    The UFO Sighting


    Leave it to Richard Branson to take April Fool’s Day to another universe!  To the dismay of residents, a UFO landed outside of London.  When police approached with their weapon drawn, out stepped the Virgin Records mogul.  He was just having a little fun by building and flying a hot air balloon that he had specifically designed to look like a UFO.

  • 3. Welcome to…

    Welcome to…


    The city of angels nearly made their visitors crazy.  They posted an 85-foot long and 20-foot high banner saying “Welcome to Chicago” directly in the flight path of planes landing at Los Angeles airport! 

    Check out our videos for even more hilarious stunts. Happy foolin’, folks!



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