Drinks with a Side of Taxes

By Taxes

Pouring over the tax numbers

Accountant Shane Mason on helping clients file their taxes at a bar.

As the dreaded tax day nears, many Americans are dealing with the stress of filing their tax returns, but one accountant has a novel idea to take the edge off and make the process a little easier: meet at a bar.

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“It’s very convenient, it’s very relaxed, it’s not an office, take the edge off of tax season with a drink.  I had a client last night that, a lot of freelancers in New York, they don’t make estimated payments all the time and they have big tax balances due, they reach for a drink,” Mason told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Mason then explained how he came up with the unique idea.

“I’m always in a bar for one thing giving tax advice, so I’m friends with the owners of this bar, it’s called Yours Sincerely, it’s a cocktail bar in Bushwick (Brooklyn), we’ve been kicking around the idea for years of doing it in there, they finally opened up this new place, it’s very comfortable, low lights, nice music, it just made sense.”  Mason said.

Mason discussed the big tax mistake he often sees from clients.

“The big mistake, probably not being organized enough when they come in.  It’s very important to be totally organized when getting ready for tax season.  One way you can help with that is to have a specific debit or credit card that you use strictly for business purposes, that’s a big one for sure, especially for freelancers” explained Mason.

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