Donald Trump Talks GOP Establishment, Brussels Terror Attacks


Donald Trump on rivalry with Cruz, GOP establishment

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on a super PAC's attack ad and his rivalries with Ted Cruz and the GOP establishment.

During an interview on Lou Dobbs Tonight on the FOX Business Network, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said the Republican Party should stop attacking him and recognize what he has done for the Party.

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“The biggest story in politics today is the millions of additional people that are voting for the Republicans,” Trump said. “The Republicans [in] some states are up over 100%, turning out for the primaries.”

He added: "Some people have never voted before, many people that are Democrats that are coming over and many Independents. They [the GOP establishment] should embrace that. And if they don’t embrace it they’re going to lose the election… they’re going to have another Democrat president and that president is going to pick four or five Supreme Court justices who are very liberal and that’s going to be the end of our country as we know it. It’ll be a disaster.“

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Trump also discussed the city of Brussels, in wake of the recent terror attacks at an airport and a metro station in the city.

“Brussels was a great place and it was a brilliant city. It was a beautiful, beautiful city that was crime-free and no problems… I have friends who go there quite a bit and they hate to go there now. It’s a ‘Hell hole,’ they call it. It’s a horrible situation that’s taking place. They’ve let radical Islamic terrorists be there. There’s a tremendous hatred… There’s something going on that’s really bad. But Brussels is an example of it.”