Life After Insanity: What's Next for Shaun T?

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Life After Insanity: What's Next for Shaun T?

Fitness Mogul Shaun T sits down with's Jade Scipioni to talk fitness and building his brand.

He says most people don’t recognize him right away.

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“I’ll be walking behind someone at the airport and they will turn around and be like, ‘Omg, I heard your voice,” Shaun T, Creator of Insanity tells “And, that to me is the most powerful thing and the biggest compliment that you can give me.”

Shaun T became a household name when his workout video, INSANITY swept the fitness industry.

“I was 50/50 going in. I thought either no one is going to buy this or people would be like, okay I’m ready for a challenge,” he adds.

People bought it! Shaun T has sold over 10 million DVDs, resulting in sales of $1 billion since partnering with Beachbody, a private company specializing in at-home workout videos and nutrition since 2007.

Now, the former backup dancer for Mariah Carey is on a mission to ‘end all exercise’ and build a brand on empowering people.

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In July 2015, he released a dance workout called CIZE. “It’s the end of exercise as you know it because I want people to have fun and just live and enjoy what they do,” he says. “We really get people to forget about exercising.”

That mission to empower people has turned into a brand new clothing line, a meal delivery program, a podcast, and numerous corporate speaking events.

“The Shaun T brand is about trusting and believing in who you are. You have to trust in yourself and you have to believe that you can do it.”

Companies also hire him to motivate their sales force or jumpstart an executive team. Shaun T got his start as a health program manager at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies Wyeth, which was acquired by Pfizer (PFE) in 2009.

“I actually think back to that job a lot. Some people don’t like to look back at the beginning, just like someone who is on a weight loss journey. They don’t want to look back and see the pictures. It helps motivate me. That’s your power, that’s your momentum to carry you forward.”

Shaun T says his brand is more about fitness too. He wants to inspire.

“I’m working on a book and I want to do more TV,” notes Shaun T, who just finished his first season as a host of ABC’s, “My Diet is Better Than Yours.”

And after 19 years in the fitness industry, Shaun T points out that he still gets his motivation and drive from one place.

“My mind always goes back to my grandfather,” he says. “He was a pastor and would be in front of the church motivating people and would go to different parts of the town and give out food to people who couldn’t afford it.”