Suzanne Somers Talks ‘Dressing Up’ for Playboy


Suzanne Somers on big government, Playboy

Actress Suzanne Somers discusses big government's involvement in health and Playboy's decision to stop publishing nude photos.

Famed men’s magazine Playboy will stop publishing photos of nude women beginning with its March 2016 issue. Actress Suzanne Somers, who appeared in Playboy, discussed the company’s announcement during an interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

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“The Internet… what’s going on… probably it is irrelevant to have a nude girl in Playboy in any more. Maybe it really is all about the articles,” she said.

The former “Three’s Company” actress explained how she first appeared in got into the magazine.

“I took test pictures when I was 19 [years-old]- a teenage mother and broke,” she said. “The test pictures were… if they liked them back at Playboy, then maybe you could get $15,000 at the time. My son had been run over by a car and I had $15,000 worth of doctor bills and no insurance. So I took the pictures nervously-if you ever see those test pictures, I’m so nervous and so uncomfortable… then I got “Three’s Company” via “The Tonight Show” and then I was chosen to be a Playmate.”

However, Somers decided not to pose nude as a Playmate for the men’s magazine.

“I got as far as the front door of the Playboy building and I’m sitting in the front seat and my husband said one thing to me… ‘Just remember this-- he wasn’t my husband yet-- as long as you live you will always be known first as a Playboy centerfold.’ I sat there and I thought I’m more than that- so I didn’t do it,” Somers said.

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