Farmers Scrambling to Keep Up With ‘Cage Free’ Craze

By Commodities FOXBusiness

'Cage-free' egg farmer: Can't keep up with demand

Egg Farmer Scott Hasselmann on the challenges keeping up with demand for 'cage-free' eggs.

As McDonald’s (MCD) prepares to make the transition to cage-free, the egg business is experiencing a tremendous increase in demand.

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During an interview with The FOX Business Network’s Jeff Flock, egg farmer Scott Hasselmann said: “We can’t keep up, it’s just out of sight. We’ll take 80 or 100 dozen eggs to the farmers market on Saturday and sell probably, in an hour and a half… they’ll be gone at seven or eight dollars a dozen.”

Hasselmann said the influx of opportunities in the egg business makes it hard for farmers to keep up.

“We see no demand issues, our problem is supply…there’s a lot of opportunities out there in the egg business,” he said.

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