Alibaba Isn’t the Only IPO to Watch for This Fall

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IPOs to watch

Renaissance Capital IPO ETF manager Kathleen Smith and Convergent Wealth Advisors CEO David Zier give insight into the IPO market.

Summer may be waning, but the IPO market is continuing to heat up.

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Renaissance Capital IPO ETF manager Kathleen Smith tells FBN’s Maria Bartiromo that the roadshow for the much anticipated Alibaba IPO is expected to “begin imminently.”

And as the children head back to school, Alibaba is not the only IPO investors should be on the lookout for, she says.

“It’s incredible what’s on the docket,” says Smith, adding that investors should look beyond the household names.

“The largest-REIT-IPO-ever is coming,” she says.

Of note, she expects Brazilian e-commerce company Cnova to make waves – with insiders expecting the company to go public by this fall. In total, Renaissance Capital estimates 2014 will wrap up with roughly 100 IPOs – with around $40 billion raised.

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Smith says that improving economic data is to thank.

“I think they go hand-in-glove,” she says. “We would say it’s a very positive sign for continuing, strong issuance in the IPO market.”

As well as the Fed’s QE.

“I think the Federal Reserve has helped to put the money into the market, it doesn’t cost too much to borrow…and the M&A market has been very good,” she says.

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