New Twitter Ads Let You Pay for Only What Works

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New Twitter ad campaigns are helping small businesses get the most bang for their buck.

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This week, Twitter unveiled its objective-based campaigns that are designed to make creating and optimizing successful marketing campaigns easier for businesses. Additionally, the new campaigns give small businesses the flexibility of paying only for the actions that accomplish their marketing objectives.

Christine Lee, a senior product manager for Twitter, said the new objective-based campaigns will give small businesses custom workflows that fit their goals.

"You can select from a range of key objectives, including driving followers, website clicks or conversions, Tweet engagements, mobile app installs or engagements, or leads," Lee wrote on the company's blog.

To ensure businesses are getting the most return on their investments, Twitter has altered its ad payment structure. Now, businesses will only pay for ads when their Twitter followers take an action that is one of the company's campaign objectives. For example, if a business aims to drive leads on Twitter, it will only pay for ads when Twitter followers submit their information via a Lead Generation Card in the promoted Tweet. Or, if the goal is to get users to install a company's app, businesses will be charged on a cost-per-app-click model.

"Objective-based pricing ensures that you only pay for the results that impact your marketing goals," Lee wrote.

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Businesses will also have more control over the layout of their ads. Besides giving businesses its recommendation for the ad format that will work best, Twitter has added new tools that make it easier to create ads, including an image cropper with drag-and-drop capability.

Twitter is also beefing up the metrics businesses can view to see how their campaigns are performing.

"For instance, reports for your website clicks or conversions campaign will show total link clicks and cost-per-link-click," Lee wrote. "If you have a tracking pixel set up, the reports will also show total conversions and cost per conversion."

Objective-based campaigns and pricing are currently available in a beta format to small and medium-sized businesses and API partners. Twitter will roll this out to managed clients by invitation over the next few months.

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