North America’s Most Expensive Hotel Room

By Seana Smith FOXBusiness

The $45,000 a night hotel room?

FBN's Seana Smith with an inside-look at the most expensive hotel room in North America.

The most expensive hotel penthouse suite in North America sits on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons in New York.  At a staggering 800 feet above Manhattan, the 4,300-square-foot Ty Warner Penthouse could be all yours for a non-negotiable price of $45,000 per night.

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Designer Peter Marino and architect I.M. Pei, who came out of retirement for the project, collaborated with hotel owner Ty Warner to build the luxurious suite.  The penthouse cost $50 million to construct.

“The three men traveled in the course of 7 years, mainly in Italy and in France, looking for amenities,” said Christoph Schmidinger, Four Seasons Regional Vice President.  “They handpicked stones and precious materials.”

Semi-precious stone surfaces and fabrics woven with platinum and 22-carat gold decorate the penthouse. 

The master bedroom’s $65,000 bed was crafted by hand in Sweden, taking 160 hours using 100% natural materials.   Its bedspread is laced with 22-karat gold, and each piece of the room’s wall coverings were hand placed.  The panels were assembled in Italy, deconstructed and sent to France for marquetry, and then shipped to New York for installation.

The library boasts a 26-foot cathedral ceiling and is decorated with $500,000 worth of gilded bronze vine-and-leaf motif. 

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“The entire suite was built for people who on their own, own these types of residences or multiple residences around the world,” Schmidinger said. “So what would motivate them to buy a suite of this caliber? Only that you provide them with the best or the same or even better than what they have at home.”

The living room features hand-lacquered walls with mother of pearl inlay individually and meticulously handcrafted by American artist Nancy Lorenz.  A four foot custom designed chandelier of cut glass, specially lit with 120 different fiber optic lights for varied glow effects, hangs above the dining table.

And if you’re wondering about service, a personal butler will tend to every guest’s need and a chauffeur is always on call.

But guests may not want to leave the suite after seeing its multimillion dollar views. The four diagonal balconies are the highest of any hotel in the world and give guests eight different views of Manhattan.

“The suite offers breathtaking 360 degree views,” Schmidinger said.  “Regardless where you stand in this suite, you always have a view in four directions.”

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